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Bum Massage

Massaging the bum helps relax the all-important gluteal muscles and eases pressure on other parts of the back, spine, and legs.  This helps prevent muscle pain, strain, and damage.

Bum Massage | Kalmora Spa
Full Body Massage | Kalmora Spa

Female to Male Massage

As the massager is a female, they provide a form was intimate companionship for the period of massage. As people need the feeling of providing touch from the opposite sex if required this form of massage.

Body to body Massage

A body to body massage is a combination of a full body massage using your hands and a massage using masseuse’s own body. The masseuse can use different parts of her body for the body to body massage and get very creative.

Signature Massage | Kalmora Spa
Sandwich Massage | Kalmora Spa

Sandwich Massage

While massages are available in numerous types offered in massage spas and parlors, 4 hands massage stand out as among the most famous ones. If you haven’t heard of or tried 4 hands massage before, here is a quick overview of it and what makes it better compared to 2 hands massage.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage is based on ancient Indian principles of Ayurveda and pressure points, specifically designed to heal the body and create a balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Ayurvedic Massage | Kalmora Spa
Couple Massage Therapy | Kalmora Spa

Couple Massage

The massage is usually offered during a private room on side-by-side massage tables. When booked during a full-service spa a couple’s massage will typically include access to showers, hot tubs, lounging areas, and other spa amenities.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a technique of  systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body that focuses on muscles relevant to a specific sport. The sports massage would probably take your physical activities into account and try to tailor the treatment to fit both the time and kind of activity.

Sports Massage | Kalmora Spa
Female to Male Massage | Kalmora Spa

Cross Body Massage

A Cross body massage is a combination of a full body massage using your hands. If you are suffering from any lower back pain, neck pain or in any other flat body part, you can opt for the Cross  body massage

Happy Ending Massage

A massage with a happy ending means the massage is concluded with the client being Completely relax and satisfied.

It relaxes your body as many have felt stress building up in the body due to lack of satisfaction

Female To Male Massage | Kalmora Spa
Thai Massage | Kalmora Spa

Thai Massage

Thai massage uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques your entire body.

The technique that Thai massage practitioners use is extremely different from what people within the West, the client lies on the ground and participates more actively within the massage.

Foot Massage

During a foot massage, your feet undergo a really relaxing experience because the reflex zones are manipulated and rubbed.

Even a quick foot massage can ease stress and perk you up. That’s a good thing, because cutting stress and boosting energy raise the odds you’ll make healthy choices like exercising and eating right.

Foot Massage | Kalmora Spa
Deep Tissue Massage | Kalmora Spa

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment targets the deeper layers of muscle and surrounding connective tissues, and will assist with a variety of conditions and pains. However, the experience is often very different to what you would possibly imagine once you believe massages.

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage is a full-body, deep-tissue, holistic treatment. Balinese massage uses a mixture of gentle stretches, reflexology, acupressure, and aromatherapy to stimulate the circulation of blood throughout the body, oxygen and “qi” (energy) around your body, and convey a way of wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation.

Balinese Massage | Kalmora Spa
Swedish Massage | Kalmora Spa

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is meant to relax the whole body by rubbing the muscles in long, gliding strokes within the direction of blood returning to the guts. But the advantages of Swedish massage transcend relaxation.

Potli Massage

Potli massage therapy is completed using heated herbal pouches also referred to as potlis (or poultice) that are wont to rejuvenate, relax and nourish the affected area. When these potlis are placed on the body, they need a therapeutic effect.

Potli Massage I Kalmora Spa
Couple Massage Therapy | Kalmora Spa

Signature Massage

Signature Massage is the combination of Swedish, sports and deep tissue massage techniques. Providing you an all-around satisfaction. Signature Massage therapy has even experienced a resurgence due to its usefulness, especially among athletes and other physically active individuals.

Aroma Massage

During an aromatherapy massage, you inhale these volatile oil molecules or absorb them through your skin. They are thought to promote beneficial changes in your mind and body by affecting the limbic system, a region of the brain known to be involved in emotion.

Aromatherapy Massage | Kalmora Spa
Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage | Kalmora Spa

Head, Neck and shoulder Massage

Head and Shoulder Massage may be a specific therapy that specialize in the precise areas instead of the whole body. The massage helps to relieve tension in your muscles, improve circulation and reduce stress.

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